touchpad on pinebook issues?
11 inch OG pinebook here on kde neon. 

touchpad works fine, but i have no scroll or tap click function. is that by design? I see that it is recognized as a regular mouse, could that be the issue? not sure if there is a fix or if thats just how it is.

any help would be greatly appreciated
Which operating system?

synaptics or libinput?
Oh man I thought kde neon with plasma was the os? haha.

And not sure whether synaptics or libinput either

If I check system information it says ubuntu 18.05.5 LTS bionic beaver

Under system settings it says I have a mouse but no more info than that.
Any idea how I would find out more?

Also thank you for taking the time to help me out.
I wish I could help, but I'm not really a Linux user. And we don't have this capability in NetBSD yet that I can see. I've been researching how to get it working in NetBSD, and found a bunch of information on Linux. Apparently sometimes at least, if you're using the synaptics driver, there is a configuration file. And at least some versions of libinput don't support this functionality.

Hopefully someone with better information comes along.
Yeah well thanks for giving it some thought. If you couldn't tell I'm pretty new to all this. Need all the help I can get.

Again, thanks for taking the time
I did a DuckDuckGo search "Linux touchpad" and got a lot of decent results. This one looks promising. It's Kali Linux, but might apply to Ubuntu as well.
I have tried more distros with pinebook 1080p 11" and in none of them worked the tap-to-click. I've tried both synaptics and libinput, different configurations, still no tap-to-click. Someone on this forum said to me, that tap-to-click is working for him, but I newer got any instructions from him, that worked for me.

The scroll worked for me on every distro I tried, but only the two-finger-scroll, which is sometimes mishandled as pinch-to-zoom (I failed to turn off the pinch-to-zoom too). So I try to avoid of using the touchpad and use the Manjaro Sway Profile. In my opinion it is the most fastest & usable distro/version for pinebook till now.

Edit: If you (or someone) figure out how to enable tap-to-click,and/or disable pinch-to-zoom, please write me. Thank you.
I find this odd; multi-touch scroll and zoom should be much more difficult than tap-to-click.

In KDE, do you have System Settings -> Input Devices -> Touch pad? (I do not)
a usb mouse is listed and seems to be in use, but under the touchpad settings it says no touchpad connected.

Weird that others seem to be able to scroll, I tried two finger and everything no dice. I also cannot make it pinch to zoom either not sure what the deal is. Going to look into the kali tutorials link posted above when I get a chance.

Anyway as usual thanks for the input everyone.
This might be better than the Kali one (not sure):

This is the dead end I run into; the synaptics driver will not work as is on NetBSD (yet).

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