get wifi mt7601u mediatek usb dongle to work
Finally I got my usb wifi dongle working.

From linux kernel 4.xx on this chip is supported but I found out - after using several linux distributions - that it just doesn't work from the start.
Two patches are needed for the driver to get it to play.

First get the right kernel sources and headers for the linux distribution (kernel) you use.
In my case it was a 5.8.17 linux kernel (armbian 20.08.1). With 'apt ..' you can get the kernel sources, but command 'armbian-config' makes it easy to install them in /usr/src/ .
Note that a specific version number within the headers (see ) should be exactly the same for the compiled driver.
In my case this was 5.8.17-rockchip64, but the installed headers contained only 5.8.17.
Update this so it is the same. (If you don't do that insmod fails.)
Then follow the 2 steps below:

1. php.c
follow this:

2. mcu.c
follow this:

Command ifconfig should show a wifi device now.
'armbian-config' let you easily set the password and wifi access point for your wifi connection.


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