New OS for RockPro64 is here, TwisterOS Armbian
(01-03-2021, 02:33 PM)snoopy_ca Wrote:
(12-21-2020, 06:00 PM)jtremblant Wrote: Monka-Manjaro-XFCE beta1 is here:

I just downloaded the image and it seems corrupt. Etcher complains before flashing (no valid partition table) and I cannot mount the flashed SD card. Can you provide the checksum or check, if the image on google drive is correct?

One question - Only the Manjaro build has Kodi installed, or? I tried the normal twisterOS from the website and didn't see Kodi in the taskbar.


It's not corrupted, I stand 100% correct on the google drive file. You need to extract it first as I mentioned it on the instructions. The Reason why it's compressed is because is a large image file, weighting 9.4Gb uncompressed.

Armbian-Reforged V1.0 also has a Kodi built-in with full HW acceleration with OpenGL ES 3.0 Panfrost Mesa 21. If you need a built-in Kodi as shown on the screenshot below, I suggest you to try Armbian-Reforged V1.0 which is also smaller with a 5.2Gb image size only.

[Image: ARUHbS.jpg]

Introducing RockRiotMenu, a collection of pre-compiled apps and games for RK3399 and RK3326 Hardware.
List of Games included:

- Rick-Dangerous
- Doom 1
- Eduke32 (Duke Nukem 3d)
- OpenBOR
- Quake3
- CannonBall
- Flashback
- Cave-Story
- Shadow-Warrior
- Keen
- Quake2
- Diablo1 (GOSPA)
- Quake1
- Half-Like
- Doom2
- Wolfenstein-3D

Also, Moonlight-Embedded

Download it from here:

Many thanks @kreal from the TwisterOS Armbian team.

small temp monitor script for the pwm fan - For official ROCKPro64 10mm Low Profile Heatsink with Fan

[Image: dBgob1.jpg]
Download it here:

Kodi is not in TwisterOSArmbianV1-0-beta2.img. I know you confirmed it.. Please triple check?

As noted previously, I did see Kodi in the manjaro version. Liking the debian version but lacking some of the promised apps (kodi for me mostly).

Great work though! I may switch to this soon!
(01-10-2021, 01:33 PM)mschoolbus Wrote: Kodi is not in TwisterOSArmbianV1-0-beta2.img.  I know you confirmed it..  Please triple check?

As noted previously, I did see Kodi in the manjaro version.  Liking the debian version but lacking some of the promised apps (kodi for me mostly).

Great work though!  I may switch to this soon!
My apologies. Only Armbian-Reforged V1.0 and Manjaro-Twister-XFCE version have Kodi built-it

You may try Armbian-Reforged V1.0 version(debian based):


Ok, It's a bit confusing as of yet, but I am sure you are ironing that out.

I just want all your games and goodies (kodi) on a Debian system for PBP.

Great work dude!  Thank you for the reply!
The Armbian reforged link you provided does include Kodi.. However, I can not get the keyboard working properly for the life of me.  I have an ANSI Pinebook Pro.  I did switch to the pinebookpro dtb file.

Hoping for a TwisterOSArmbianV1-0-beta3.img or RC with Kodi soon, matching the features of the manjaro version if possible.  I just can't use Manjaro or Arch because I don't hate myself.

A few games for your RockRiot thing:
openra, urban terror, eternal lands
A new TwisterOS Armbian beta3 update is about to be released soon. Stay tuned.

Update(01-22-2021): TwisterOS Armbian Beta 3 is finally here:

TwisterOS Armbian Beta 3:

- A Fully featured fast and lightweight OS for RK3399 SBC's that works out-of-the-box.
(Currently is better supported on RockPi4B, RockPi4C & RockPro64 boards)
- RK3399 boards w/4Gb RAM and a minimum of 16Gb microSD/eMMC is strongly recommended.
- Armbian focal 20.04.1 LTS aarch64 based
- 5.9.14 Kernel
- XFCE 4.16 DE, XFCE uses Xfwm4 VM
- Latest Panfrost w/ HW acceleration on desktop
- OpenGL 3.1 is also supported with fully updated Mesa 21.1.0
- Kodi and MPV built-in with HW acceleration support
- Docker Container support via Chromium browser for watching streaming services like
  Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, Spotify.(requires to manually install a script)
- Theme switcher fully integrated into all themes in Theme Twister App. (Reboot after change required)
- Retro gaming emulators included like PPSSPP, DOSBOX-X, Mednaffe, Mesen, Mupen64Plus, PCSX ReARMed,
  Retroarch (Tested functional, but not included), Redream, ScummVM, and many more...
- BOX86 with latest updates included
- uSD and eMMC booting supported. (RK3399 - NanoPi-M4 requires re-seat of HDMI cable on power on due to firmware limitations, and supports MicroSD at this time)
- Several useful apps included on image such as: Steam, Lutris, Discord, My Android,
  Wine Desktop, USBImager, LibreOffice suite, Transmission, Gimp, MELD, VLC Player, Audacious, etc.
- 9 OpenGL games are also included for your enjoyment.

Known issues:

- Bluetooth audio is not working
- Kodi repository is missing and needs to be installed manually
  (sudo apt install kodi-repository-kodi)
- Docker Container requires to apply some extra steps to fix a no HDMI audio issue.
(Fixed via pavucontrol, and selecting proper output device)

General Instructions:

- Download RK3399 image from
- Prepare your storage media for flashing
- Flash image with Balena-Etcher or USBImager
- Edit /boot/armbianEnV.txt file and select correct DTB file that matches your RK3399 board
  (Default DTB is RK3399-RockPi4B) | Case sensitive! | Example: rockchip/rk3399-rock-pi-4c.dtb
- After first boot, resize EXT4 partition using Disks utility included
- Default password is: asdasd
- Overclocking and hardware profile support out-of-the-box.

Enjoy it.

[Image: KyYJeQ.jpg]

[Image: Y8b2Wy.jpg]

[Image: laNX2c.jpg]

[Image: 1NIiCU.jpg]

TwisterOS Armbian beta3 supports popular streaming services as Netflix, Amazon Prime Disney+, Spotify and others with chromium browser via Docker Container.

[Image: AH0zUG.jpg]

Just follow easy instructions from github webpage. Many thanks to Monka from twisterOS armbian team for this great docker container:

Known issue: No HDMI audio on Docker Container with Chromium browser

To fix it:

- sudo apt install paprefs
- sudo ln -s /usr/lib/pulse-13.99.1 /usr/lib/pulse-13.99
- paprefs
- Reboot

Make sure after executing paprefs, all settings matches as shown below:

[Image: IyBJix.jpg]

[Image: bulwnZ.jpg]

- Reboot

- Enjoy

Updated (01-25-2021): First Official Release of TwisterOS Armbian V1.0

Download it from TwisterOS official webiste:

[Image: OPSVNQ.jpg]


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