Ringtones and alert sounds stopped working
Not sure what happened. Possibly one of the most recent OS updates but I have lost all my sound for alerts and notifications. Even when I click on the sounds in their profile folder nothing plays over the speaker. Don’t know where to start with troubleshooting this issue
In settings  > sound >  configuration >  change output from 'default'  to  'phone call'

That worked for me.

If you are using the  'nightly build'  that could change in the next release.


My new PMOS C.E. phone is running the nightly release.

I am using my Brave Heart as a daily driver running the latest stable release.
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And I managed to solve it. Sorry to clog up the threads guys. Was a glitchy headphone jack. Was listening to some podcasts with headphones and I guess it assumed I still had headphones plugged in. Plugged them in and called the phone and it was ringing through the headphones and continued to ring when I unplugged them. All is working again

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