How to update U-Boot for PostmarketOS on the PinePhone and much more!

I just posted an article on how to update U-Boot for PostmarketOS on the PinePhone. From the introduction of the article:

Quote:In this article, I am going to explain what U-Boot, SoC and the SPL are. After that, I will describe the sunxi bootable storage layout as well as the PinePhone boot procedure, so you will understand what you will be updating and why. Then, I will teach you how to determine if an upgrade is required, and I will explain two different ways of upgrading U-Boot. As a special treat for the curious, I will show you the first steps to reverse engineer the U-Boot+SPL firmware blob. I hope this article peeks your curiosity and encourages you to learn more.


Thank you! This is superbly written and will encourage me to learn...

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Outstanding explanation of U-Boot functionality on the PP

Thank you


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