CPU power, expectations
Maybe someone can help me out. I understand that the PineTab is a low cost device and thus expectations have to be modest. I tried to get an idea of the possible real-life cpu power/"user experience" to expect from the PineTab and therefore I looked up benchmarks at cpubenchmark.net:
-Allwinner A64 (running linux?)
Passmark 2000 to 2800 and CPUMark 35000 
-My iPhone 6s (running iOS)
Passmark 11000 and CPUMark 11000
-An awful ODYS 2 in1 tablet (running Win 8.1) with Intel Atom x5-Z8300
Passmark? CPUMark 800

We are definitely comparing apples to oranges here. But for me it looks as if the cpu power may be from 1/4 as fast to three times as fast as my iPhone. Slower than the iPhone may be a problem even for a very modest desktop system. On the other hand, it should be better than the ODYS which is barely usable with Win 8.

I am aware of the problems comparing "user experience", but maybe someone with more technical knowledge may shed light on this.
Kind regards
Synthetic benchmarks are not a good target for observing linear performance improvements.

In my experience, iPhones run reasonably fast on older versions of iOS, but will be artificially throttled as newer versions are released.

The PINE A64 is slow - it is similar to a Raspberry Pi 3 in real-life performance (both SBCs utilise four A53 Cortex processors at identical clock speeds.)

Don't expect the PinePhone to be as fast as a low-to-mid-end Android phone. It is usable, almost daily driver ready, but not as zippy... Yet.

This post appears negative, but frankly the benefits of the PinePhone outweigh any performance concerns: hardware killswitches, FLOSS software, etc.

Hope this helps  Smile

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