Camera doesn't work. SD-Card isn't mounted automatically

today I got my Pinephone64. Unfortunately, the SD card cannot be used. It is recognized but is not automatically mounted. The camera is also unusable. I think this is due to the incorrectly integrated SD card. The SD card is displayed under External Drives. I can only format it or remove it safely. An error appears during formatting: "Format Error. There was an error when formatting the device". I can also mount the SD card in the terminal and access the files. Only it is not automatically integrated. I could solve this problem by integrating them into the terminal. However, the camera remains unusable. The trigger button is greyed out.
Does anyone have the same experience? What can I do to make the camera usable?

The device is not really usable for me.

Thanks in advance
I've done like here

now sd card is automatically mounted. But the camera means "no media available". under exteral drives is sd card listed but cannot be formated etc.

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