powerup upon plug event
I noticed my PBP was very warm after having put it to sleep then plugging in the power (this happens with the plug as well as with usb-c charging), and noticed that after more than half a day charging, it wasn't fully charged.

Then I tested, and found that it will turn on when I plug or unplug the power.
Is there any way to change this behaviour?
Or are there good reasons for it? (In case the keyboard malfunctions, it would be a way to turn on the device and then a usb keyboard could help out... just making wild assumptions why this behaviour might be designed in...)

For now I have configured Manjaro KDE to shut down after several minutes of idling even when running on mains power (I only had that setting when on battery power), have yet to test the setting.

The reason I have issues is that I have a generic 4 port usb charger device with a power switch on the mains cable, and it's not all that uncommon that it gets switched.
This conflicts with me assuming that after several hours, my PBP will be fully charged...
I tried out what happens when the PBP is shut down, no power up at plugging in (or out). So for me, it's a mystery why it wakes up on plugging in, and even more so why it wakes up when unplugging.
If anyone knows how to change this behaviour, please drop a line. Thanks.
I've had numerous phones and tablets in recent years that do this, so I wasn't very surprised to see it. I think it's odd for a laptop but then I haven't used very many.
Phones and tablets don't actually have suspend to ram / sleep (S3), and indeed the display typically wakes up when you plug or unplug when the device is booted. I've never had the system wake up from sleep on plug events though (obviously only laptops, both windows and linux machines).
you currently cannot suspend and then charge. the pbp will wake and then slowly charge as if in near normal use.

shutdown and then charge.

you can easily configure wake events in powertop, but no idea if they are actually working as intended.
Well I can plug the charger and then suspend, so now that I know, I do that. It's just something to realise and take into account. I really don't want to shut down if it's not required. Always a hassle to get back to where I was.

I've made sure that if the charger is unplugged, the PBP will go into sleep by itself after a few minutes.

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