sopine socket power problem

I power up my clusterboard with the pine64 power supply (15A).

The clusterboard leds of socket #0 and #1 lights up, but sockets #3 to #6 does not turn on.

I was able to access sopine boards connected in any socket with a USB-Ethernet dongle through SSH.

I use the sopine armbian-focal img and sopine armbian-bionic images, with a modified dtb file to include 'allwinner,tx-delay-ps = <500>;' following:

With this modification I was able to see eth0 device with ifconfig next to my usb-dongle, but only if I connect the Sopine Board on socket #0 or #1. In the rest of the sockets the SOPINE led is on, but not the corresponding clusterboad led and the eth0 device is not listed (only my usb-dongle).

I think my clusterboard is malfunctioning.

I will try with an ATX power supply in the following days.

Any clue what could be wrong?

Also even if I have eth0 interfaces up with a correct ip in socket #0 and #1, they can not ping each other through the internal switch.
Same behavior powering the clusterboard through an ATX power supply ...

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