Which is the easiest way to access the external SD card of a Pinephone from a PC?
Since I m writing a lot, a appreciated to ability to have all my files on an Android phone on the external SD card. But starting from Android 5.0 it was not possible anymore in an easy way to write to the SD card on Android, nor to access the SD card from a PC.

I went pack to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Android 4.4, which was the last version of Android which allows an easy way to write to the external SD card.

One of the main reason for me personally to buy a Pinephone would be to have a writing machine with SD card in my pocket, which allows access of the SD card from a PC. SD cards are practical storage devices, which allows easy back up, no need to sync over the Internet etc.

On older Android Phones it was possible to plug in the phone into a PC, and it was a storage drive. But from Android 5.0 it was not possible anymore. I did not even manage to get access to the files on my phone over a wifi network.

All these options are gone. How is it with the Pinephone? Which is the easiest way to access the external SD card of a Pinephone from a PC?
Depending on the OS I would say sftp over wifi. You could even install samba to access it like a Windows share. Some OSs enable a networking device over USB, so you wouldn't need a wifi connection.
I also think I read somewhere that the UBPorts guys are working on MTP, which actually should be the way to access SD card data over USB in current Android phones as well. This should also be your best bet if you want the most compatibility with all computers.
Thank you Boern, for your detailed answer, very helpful. I was looking for a long time to access files on an Android phone in an easy way with the Windows file explorer, so that data can be processed on a PC as if there where on a PC storage drive. This was possible until Android 4.4. With newer Android phones, I failed to find such a solution.

I m a writer, and I started with a simple Nokia phone, a Qtek mini PC, and a SD card as storage device, which I could use with a card reader on my PC, in my Nokia device and in my Qtek.

From Android 5.1 and above, it was not possible to write to the external SD card anymore. I had to downgrade a Samsung Galaxy S5 to Android 4.4. to write to the external SD card. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is great as a low-cost device with replacable batteries. But for writing, the sceen is small.

The Linux Pinephone will replace my old Qtek device as a writing machine, wth external SD card, replaceable batteries, and file access over network. Great device, also without the option to make phone calls. I can use the Pinephone with a sim card for surfing, and a Galaxy S5 for making phone calls.
@Boern: After a closer look at your answer, I will choose sftp over wifi, or a samba to access Windows share. Not necessary to pull out the external SD card anytime you want to access it on the PC. A feature which I currently miss on my Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 4.4., which I still use because of Googles restrictions in newer devices to read an access the external SD card, and a reason to buy a Pinephone.
Can you :
  Just use a usb-c flashdrive  (or usb-c adapter to usb flashdrive) and load to your flashdrrive and swap your files to or from your phone and computer ?
    ( using Linux, not android )
  ( also you can substitute a usb-c to micro SD card adapter in place of a regular usb flashdrive )
Thank you, bcnaz, for sharing your ideas. There are usb-c adapter with HDMI out, and usb:


on windows mini pcs, these adapter should work as a HDMI out, wich aditional ubs-c, dual screen should also be possible with mini windows pcs. Do you think these adapter work also with the pinephone, at least as a HDMI out?
I found and ordered an adapter on Ebay,
it is usb-c on one end with a micro SD card slot for about $1.51 USD plus .50 USD shipping.
Cheap enough I had to order one just to 'try it out' I could not resist !
I do not have any plans to connect HDMI to my Pinephone myself, though that does sound 'interesting'
I was thinking about transferring pictures back & forth
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I found it on youtube today, no SD card, but you can add one, usb c adapter and HDMI dual screen, just wonderful:


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