Black screen after mishaps (how to reflash)
I was deleting something from the computer and accidentally deleted an important folder in root.  When I tried restarting, the computer turns on but the screen is black.  I want to reflash the laptop with the Manjaro OS again so I can start over but don't know how to do that.  Any guide?
If you messed up the system on the internal eMMC flash, you can use an SD card to boot the computer.
(if you already know how to flash an image for a raspberry pi, it's the same process). 

Download the Image from the Manjaro website: (choose the ARM edition for Pinebook Pro, with the desktop environment of your choice. KDE is the default)

Unpack the .xz file on your computer (use 7-zip on Windows, xz -d on Linux/Mac). 
Flash the resulting .img file to an SD card ( or dd on Linux/Mac)

You can plug this into the Pinebook and it will boot from the SD card. 
If your system is broken, you might need to hard-reset the machine by holding the power button for ~10 seconds to turn it off completely. 
Then you can turn it back on normally. 

You're now running Manjaro, but from the SD card slot. That works, but it's slower, but you can now flash a new image to the internal eMMC flash. 

In a terminal you can do: 

wget "" 
xz -d Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-20.04.img.xz
sudo dd if=Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-20.04.img of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=8M status=progress

Enter your password and wait for it to finish. Shutdown the Manjaro installation properly and remove the SD card. 
You can now start the computer normally from eMMC. 

Good luck,
The problem is it doesn't boot to the sd card.  and the slot for the micro sd card seems to not fit the micro sd I have.  I used a usb and that didn't work either.
USB Sticks are not supported! 

MicroSD cards need to be inserted with the gold contacts facing down and until they click into the socket.
(06-03-2020, 10:14 AM)manawyrm Wrote: USB Sticks are not supported! 

MicroSD cards need to be inserted with the gold contacts facing down and until they click into the socket.

The SD Card never "clicks"  It just slides in and never feels like it is properly in.

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