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RE: Ubuntu Touch with OTA updates - lsitongia - 04-21-2021

I gave it a try. A number of things don't work. They've been documented. Progress looks slow, but I really like UBPorts, so I hope it gets fixed up.

I looked for an update and it installed "Update 509". I can't find where changes are documented. I assume this is not an OTA update, because the number is too large. So, there are Over The Network minor updates, I take it.

RE: Ubuntu Touch with OTA updates - Nooblife - 04-21-2021

Yeah i'm on 509 too. I like lomiri best and really like what they are going for. The update system is awesome and the gui speed has increased allot since last time i used it.

The kernel update may fix some of your issues, but it's unstable and doesn't boot everytime