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RE: PBP WiKi is up - do your share - speculatrix - 09-09-2020

I re-org'd the hardware compat page.

I also added a few links to other pages like the boot process.

It's a little tricky to know what's best because I'm not fully au-fait with the other rk3399 devices that Pine64 share and thus what might be a relevant reference or not.

RE: PBP WiKi is up - do your share - Paulie420 - 09-15-2020

(10-01-2019, 06:23 PM)Luke Wrote: The Pinebook Pro wiki is up (WIP at the time of writing).

with 3 moderated posts on the forum can use their forum credentials and edit the page.

Especially you guys in the first 3 batches, please contribute. If you're in doubt where to start, please ping @zaius .
I certainly will help with the wiki as I learn this cool piece of hardware. Currently working on 3 moderated posts, but I'm sure that will go along quickly. I am amazed, so far, at the hardware, the community and what ya'll have built. The only problem now is that I don't own a PinePhone and a PineTab!!

I'm sure that will change shortly; as I know that Pine64 is a company to be trusted. I really am amazed at the PineBook Pro... we all know what it isn't; but what it is... is community.

Thanks, ladies n gents.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

RE: PBP WiKi is up - do your share - Paulie420 - 09-24-2020

Hey Luke, is the wiki back to normal and can I login there? I have the magic three, even with LinAdmins fake negatives. :/ I want to help, even if its proofreading at first. Smile

Thanks... I hope your store gets ironed out soon... I'm ready to order.