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RE: Default OS update log - GLSRacer - 02-13-2020

Has anyone noticed that the max sound volume is about 60% of what it was before? Even maxed, the volume is now too low for most youtube videos...

Just an update, I was able to go into the sound settings and bump the output over 100% to get the volume I'm used to.

RE: Default OS update log - tuxor - 03-10-2020

@Luke Any news / status update on the suspend issue? Just ran the MrFixIt script, updated the OS, rebooted, but... still not working. Half a year after release and it's still not working...

RE: Default OS update log - wdt - 03-11-2020

A month ago
>*USB 3.0 is now bootable (!!!)
I think this is the 2nd time I tried, nope
(but an etcher to uSD, identical img, no problem)
Maybe there is a trick?
--edit-- Tried again, different stick, different image
Stick complete crap for writing, quite good reading
No boot, no green light flicker

RE: Default OS update log - Firedevil79 - 03-16-2020

Dear all, 

Is there a “transition guide” to switch over to the new default OS Manjaro KDE?
Will there be also an active update process as it was for Debian default?
Where can we get the “official image” which will be put to the flash in the factory.

RE: Default OS update log - xmixahlx - 03-17-2020

expecting the transition will just be... use the current manjaro kde emmc installer

RE: Default OS update log - Luke - 03-17-2020

(03-17-2020, 01:26 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: expecting the transition will just be... use the current manjaro kde emmc installer

Correct. Get the installer to the KDE (or any other) version from here

MATE for upcoming Distros? - fritzf - 03-21-2020

Any news about MATE on upcoming pbpro distro releases, now that the emphasis seems to be shifting to Manjaro?  It looked like somebody was working on MATE for Manjaro Arm, but I don't see any actual pbbro releases.  I remain hooked on mnemonic hierarchical application menu launchers, and MATE is the only place I can find that.

RE: Default OS update log - bcnaz - 03-21-2020

Perhaps a Manjaro/Phosh Distro ?

KDE is popular with many I understand,

but not 'My' cup o tea.

RE: Default OS update log - xmixahlx - 03-22-2020

they also have an xfce4 install.

RE: Default OS update log - fritzf - 03-22-2020

Yep, tried the Manjaro XFCE, but again, no mnemonic hierarchical application launcher, MATE is all I can find among the modern DE's.  

To explain, mnemonic for first letter of app menu etc.  Looking for mnemonic keyboard shortcuts for efficiency as well as memory aid.  Having a blank "search box" doesn't help when your senior brain doesn't remember where to start searching.  Organized categories (by application function) are another way to locate things, and much more efficient IMHO when combined with keyboard shortcuts.  (My fingers remained programmed by muscle memory to subtle nuances between the IBM 026 and 029 keypunches....I'm that old....)  I've really come to like MATE for that reason.  Willing to explore others if they have the functionality of mnemonic hierarchical application menus.  Manjaro/MATE for ARM/PBPro would be lovely!

....and be thankful we don't have to punch cards to program anymore!