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RE: Receiving errors about eMMC (?) - asavah - 08-20-2018

(08-17-2018, 04:20 PM)mikekehrli Wrote: Ok, thanks a lot.  That helped.

I'm still having stability issues with my rock64. It keeps crashing for no apparent reason and no help in any of the logs. I would say it crashes after about 10-12 hours of run time. So, I can't use it yet.  I took the emmc card out and am booting from SD card, but root partition is on a USB ssd. I've heard of stability issues with the usb3 port. Currently I'm testing it by writing 1 GB files back and forth between ssd and SD partitions. That's been running for 1/2 hour without incident.

I want to get to the bottom of this.  I'm not doing anything fancy with it, but it keeps dying on me.  I'm using debian from ayufan too. I've gotta think there is something wrong at kernel level for it to die without logging anything.

About random hangs: yes, I've had a bunch of those too, they are quite random in my case, the board works perfectly for a few days but then suddenly it hangs.
It does not crash, it hangs, stops dead in its tracks.
I use rockchip-linux bsp kernel with a bunch patches taken from ayufan's and Kwiboo's repos , one of the mods I use converts the red led into a heart-beat, if the cpu is alive - its blinking.
When the board dies the led stops blinking, I have a usb-ttl (uart) adapter constantly plugged into my "big" server, which logs everything coming from the rock64,
when the board hangs nothing gets logged, no backtrace, no panic, nothing.
So my guess would be - yes, it's some low-level kernel or hardware problem.
Don't think it's related to emmc tho, I've had those hangs with sdcard too.
When this happens the best way to deal with it IMO is to completely remove power for a few minutes.

RE: Receiving errors about eMMC (?) - ridgarou - 09-24-2019

Hello, does anyone know anything new about these errors? The same thing is happening to me on my rock64 after upgrading from 0.7.9 to the latest versión of ayufan OMV image.