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RE: Pine64 Debian Stretch/mainline [4.14.7] - amp - 07-22-2019

(07-21-2019, 01:15 PM)Sawadee Wrote:
(10-25-2018, 04:22 AM)CallMeFoxie Wrote: Uh, hi everybody after a long time!
I've got busy at work and private life later on, now I am somewhat back.

With 4.19 kernel release I've grabbed the project again and I'm slowly getting all the packages recompiled and working again! Hoping to get some newer update in a reasonable timeframe. I'll take a look at the errata posted, I think I've already enabled it in the 4.19 kernel config already.

Looks like it has been awhile. Can I assume this project is dead.

As I wrote above, a mostly mainline 4.19 kernel is available from Debian Backports.

Do you have a specific application in mind where this is not suitable for you?