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RE: HDMI-VGA adapter. Blank screen. - pfeerick - 03-05-2017

(03-04-2017, 08:24 PM)Doryan Wrote: Does the LCD display struggle with this issue as well? I ask because I don't have money right now for a new monitor, but I could afford the display with the playbox enclosure.

So like many Pine 64 noobs out there, I can't seem to make my Pine64 work, probably the only gadget I've ever bought that I can't even get successfully troubleshoot, so anyway, is there a particular Linux OS image, preferably Ubuntu, that can run with a VGA to HDMI adapter?

No, the LCD display will work just fine, as it is designed to work with the pine64. Android builds work out of the box, and I believe Linux has been cracked (I haven't followed the LCD stuff of late, so will let Marcus or someone else comment further on that).

Pretty much any modern LCD / TV (i.e. made in the last 10 years) should work... but there is the occasional stubborn combo. As another data point, my BenQ E2420HD (24") display works fine with the Pine64 via HDMI, and was released in 2009. I also have a el-cheapo powered HDMI to VGA adapter which I have a old Dell LCD (4x3!!) monitor connected to (normally used with a Raspberry Pi), which also works fine with the pine64, although the display is squashed.

If you use the Armbian Ubuntu or Debian distros... you will be able to connect to the pine64 over your network (if connected by ethernet) out of the box via SSH, and can then configure WiFi if you need to. Otherwise, as Marcus pointed out, you'll want a USB to Serial adapter so you can check what is going on... maybe your pine64 is having problems booting, and the display isn't the issue at all? Or maybe it simply doesn't like the signals that adapter is providing... the pine64 does have a limited resolution set, so if the converter is requesting something different, it just won't work.