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RE: Volumio for PINE64 Released - Luke - 01-18-2019

New Volumio image is now available (many thanks Ge!)

RE: Volumio for PINE64 Released - llungster - 03-22-2019

(01-18-2019, 04:40 PM)Luke Wrote: New Volumio image is now available (many thanks Ge!)

(I get a 404 for the above link but I did eventually find it over at the volumio site.)

I'm a newbie to the forum here and semi-newbie to the Pine64. I got the 2GB board via kickstarter but only recently have I had time to actually use it. My first use was with Q4OS and it worked well. My next project is to build a stand-alone MP3 player for office use using Volumio & LCD (no network) to drive a set of headphones. I already have Volumio on a Pi w/LCD and DAC running and it works great but the price point looks like it's double that of the Pine64 solution.

My goal is to use the Pine64 with its LCD panel. If the headphone output is good enough, I'd prefer not to use a DAC in order to fit everything neatly in the LCD case sold by Pine64 which seems too short to handle add-on boards. Otherwise, I'll get the DAC and have an external headphone amp I can use; packaged into a custom case.

I've tried the last 3 releases of Volumio - the latest being the 1/12/19 release. I've come across three problems and am hoping someone has some feedback: 

-1- I can only see the Volumio UI over the network. The board's HDMI output (which works fine with Q4OS) has no output with Volumio. I still need to buy the LCD panel so I can't test that yet. Has anyone gotten HDMI to work with Volumio? Has anyone gotten the LCD panel to work with Volumio?

-2- the volume control for the headphone output doesn't work from the Volumio controls. I get a fixed output level only. This is with "hardware" as the setting for volume control. In software mode, it does work but the noise level is really bad. Do I need to tweak some setting to make this work or should it work out of the box?

A fixed level output isn't a deal-breaker as I can use an external headphone amp that has its own volume control, except for problem 3.

-3- At the fixed volume, the headphone output has a noticeable level of background hiss. This doesn't seem to be related to the playback media. Is this just the way it's made or is this some Volumio artifact? I'm assume the plug-in DAC will solve this problem but I'd prefer to use keep the package small and neat.

Any hints or experience with Volumio on the Pine64 would be greatly appreciated.