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RE: Multiple wifi remotes - pfeerick - 09-11-2016

(09-11-2016, 02:00 PM)Steamkraft Wrote: @adeneb - did you found anything about the syntax or command structure? or anyone else?

Do you mean as far as the commands you can send? Sending the 'help' command to the server when connected via telnet gets you the command list, and also the list of messages that are sent between server/client.

*** Command Sending Remote Client
help      - show this help message
list      - list the currently connected client
    Reply format: LIST [ClientIndex] [Mac] [IP] [Version] [FWID] [online] [rssi]
i2cstart   - Start the I2c port
    Send format : i2cstart [ClientIndex]
    Reply format: I2CSTART [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK]
i2cpoll   - Send I2c poll command
    Send format : i2cpoll [ClientIndex] [I2cID]
    Reply format: I2CPOLL [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK]
i2cread   - Read I2c device memory
    Send format : i2cread [ClientIndex] [I2cID] [Addr] [ByteSizeInHex]
    Reply format: I2CREAD [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK] [ByteSizeInHex] [databyteInHex]
i2cwrite  - write to I2c device
    Send format : i2cwrite [ClientIndex] [I2cID] [Addr] [ByteSizeInHex] [DataBytesInHex]
    Reply format: I2CWRITE [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK]
setio - set the I/O port status
    Send format : setio [ClientIndex] [1ByteI/OMask] [1ByteI/OStatus]
    Reply format: SETIO [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK] [ByteSizeInHex] [1ByteI/OStatus]
cfgport - set the I/O pin as input or output
    send format : cfgport [ClientIndex] [1BytePortType]
    Reply format: CFGPORT [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK]
setrelay - set the relay on/off
    Send format : setrelay [ClientIndex] [1ByteStatus]
    Reply format: SETRELAY [ClientIndex] [ACK/NACK]
exit - quit the console

*** Message push Out from server/remote clinet
OFFLINE - indicate remote client just offline
    Received format : OFFLINE [ClientIndex]
ONLINE - indicate remote client just online
    Received format : ONLINE [ClientIndex] [MACaddr] [IPAddr]
TIMEOUT - indicate last send command time out
    Received format : TIMEOUT [ClientIndex] [cmd] .
I2CINTR - received i2c interrupt
    Received format : I2CINTR [ClientIndex]
INPORTCHANGE - Input changes report
    Received format : INPORTCHANGE [ClientIndex] [ChangesMask] [IOCurrStatus]

If you check khgoh's post above, you'll see the links to pages on the wiki about the remote and the wifi server stuff.

RE: Multiple wifi remotes - Steamkraft - 09-12-2016

i mean the command structure of the client itself (the wifi-remote) - not the Server that runs on the Pine Smile
i know that - using the server running on the pine is the easy way - but looking for a direct communiocation to the remote (from diffrent devices)