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RE: RTC Backup Battery Holder CR-2032 Issues - pfeerick - 09-08-2016

Whilst this is confusing, and could have been easily remedied with a note included with the holder, or perhaps even a label adhered to the holder, we do need to remember that this is probably an off-the-shelf holder normally used for a 6v application, and it has been re-purposed for 3v becasue of availability. All this comes down to is one of the re-occurring issues of documentation - or lack of. Maybe this exact problem is worthy of another sticky thread (in the RTC topic?), explaining exactly this, and using those pictures to illustrate. i.e., if you have a holder that shows + up and - down, don't do it!

(09-07-2016, 02:28 PM)androsch Wrote: What makes me really shudder in this context: If the Pine guys are selling battery holders for their board with such 'quality', what can we really expect from the quality of the board itself?

...something to think about...

RE: RTC Backup Battery Holder CR-2032 Issues - MarkHaysHarris777 - 09-08-2016

I have pinned this thread to the DC Power In sub-forum.

... the thead is closed, and will be edited at some point to make the points more concised. Thank you to everyone who participated.