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RE: Using the internet - psychedup - 09-08-2016

(09-07-2016, 06:56 PM)tomarneson Wrote: I typed into the Midori browser and didn't get anywhere. It does work from Chrome on my PCs. I'd like to get another browser, but don't know how I can without having one that works.

Try opening a terminal and typing:


It will try to send a signal to that IP address and then will either tell you how long it took, or tell you if it timed out or was unreachable. It will keep trying until you hit Ctrl-C to stop it.

After that, I would  suggest visiting the IRC chat room. Networking issues can be a little complex, but there is usually someone in there that could walk you through troubleshooting it.

RE: Using the internet - tomarneson - 09-11-2016

ping didn't return a result. I let it go for about 15 minutes, then I used Ctl-C to stop it.

The top area of the screen does show internet communication action, both send and receive at low rates of a few hundred bytes per second.

RE: Using the internet - pfeerick - 09-11-2016

(09-11-2016, 10:46 AM)tomarneson Wrote: The top area of the screen does show internet communication action, both send and receive at low rates of a few hundred bytes per second.

I'd need to see a screenshot/pic to be sure, but the top area from the screen is probably showing network traffic, rather than internet traffic... 

IRC chat is probably the best way to work on this, as to work this issue out further someone will need to go through your network config files and setup with you, as it sounds like it is connecting to your wireless / local network fine (and if you ping if that is still your gateway it should respond, and you may even be able to browse to it if there is a configuration page there), but for some reason isn't resolving anything past that. There is also the possibility that the gateway address is wrong, which is why the pine64 isn't getting on the internet.

RE: Using the internet - mark1205 - 09-17-2016

reset all network connection setting and if it wont work re-install the driver.

RE: Using the internet - tomarneson - 10-12-2016

Update on my internet problems:

I started with debian linux on the Pine 64, and had internet connection problems.

I did get some intermittent connections a few times, but kept having connection issues. I almost got Chrome downloaded from Google, but the connection quit when the download about 90% complete. 

Today I put Android 5.1.1 on a new SD card. I was able to get to the internet after connecting to my modem/router via WiFi. I downloaded several apps from Google Play and also J for android from

I'll stick with android for a while because I have two other android devices (phone & tablet) so I'm familiar with it.

Thanks to those who tried to help me.