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RE: PinePhone Keyboard - lacriz - 03-02-2022

(02-05-2022, 08:10 PM)drh Wrote: The keys are too small for typing with 10 fingers. The most comfortable way to type  is by holding the entire device in both hands and typing with two thumbs.

The absence of a speaker to place next to your ear when the case is closed for a phone call makes using it for phone calls with the case closed is a bit weird. Perhaps a solution is using a bluetooth phone headset.


just wanted to share my experience about those:

1) If your fingers are about the same size as mine, it -is- actually possible to type with 10 fingers. But it takes getting used to nevertheless, as with any new keyboard I guess. Also, a lot of good will and enthusiasm goes a long way Smile

2) How to use the PP during calls was my biggest concern before I bought the keyboard. I have not tried using a head set yet (an issue with that would be that I would have to wear the head set all the time to hear the phone ringing..); So for me it works now this way: When I need to make/take a call, I just hold the phone on the left side of my head (as usual), pressing the keyboard to the left/rear side of my head. I am sure it looks funny as hell, but using a pine phone in public takes some courage already, so what the hell Tongue
Still beats holding the phone with the right hand - then, I end up having the keyboard in front of my face..

RE: PinePhone Keyboard - Kali - 08-23-2023

(01-24-2022, 01:59 AM)KJ6OHG Wrote: I just got my PinePhone Keyboard and it is a wonderful little computer now.
But I am over my head with setting it up.
I have searched around and found some information like the wiki page.
My first issue is the pine key, it does not do anything and I cannot type -
The other issue is setting up the user-space driver. The wiki has a link to get it but there is no way I can see to download when I go there.
I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you

This article solved all my pinephone keyboard problems: