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RE: Pine64 $15 card killed my $120 keyboard - exa - 07-01-2016

On an electrical level hot plugging won't change a thing for the device you are plugging as on boot your computer will apply the same current than while running, it will change the current of the motherboard and psu when you plug it but they are meant to deal with way bigger alterations from your wall outlet and they will have to deal with in on boot too so it's no better or worse.

The only danger is short circuits and static electricity when you touch a bare-bones device that is running like I did, if it's really what happened and I'll have to buy a cheap keyboard to test it then I don't blame Pine for my mistake but I'm sure annoyed that for years I never had any issues with tons of cards and right when I want to try the Pine my keyboard died.

RE: Pine64 $15 card killed my $120 keyboard - dkryder - 07-01-2016

based on my experience i would say that it is possible that the connection of the kwyboard to the pine64 could have caused a fault in the keyboard yet the pine64 is not the sole cause of the fault. perhaps along the lines of a strong new circuit is connected to an aged circuit with a few weakened components, the older circuit then faults. But, it would have happened with any new circuit., not just the pine64. again, just another possible explanation. however, there would most likely be many reports by now of overpowered pine64 usb circuits causing damage to externel usb devices upon connection if the pine64 usb circuit had large faults.

RE: Pine64 $15 card killed my $120 keyboard - skenn_ie - 01-04-2017

(06-30-2016, 09:07 AM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote:
(06-30-2016, 08:53 AM)Oscar Wrote: Compliant, non compliant, meh.  If you value your equipment, you will not hot-plug it... ever....  physics does not understand compliance...  
I hate it when compatibles aren't Big Grin  As an engineering professional for 40 years, I have come across thousands of them.