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RE: Still trying, SMS not working - TRS-80 - 07-14-2021

It really should "just work."

I am beginning to suspect it's a carrier/service issue.  Maybe purchase one additional SIM for a few bucks, along with the cheapest plan you can find (for a few more) and use that to try a different carrier.

I could tell you who I use but it may be irrelevant in your area.

Other than that, I would not be messing with modem codes and stuff at the command line.  I never needed to do any of that.  If you have a spare sd card (or don't mind wiping current one) flash a clean, new OS image (of Mobian) and just let it do its thing.[0]

Other than that, maybe make sure the sd card is actually good.  How old is it?  Is it a good brand name card from reliable vendor (which DO NOT include Amazon and eBay nowadays)?  There are some software tools you can use to verify the card itself before writing your image to it.  Basic stuff but actually quite common problem.

Only update your OS at the command line (for now). The GUI Software Center (or whatever it's called) is not fully reliable just yet. Just making sure we have covered all basic things here.

[0] I can't help but wonder if something was borked with all the fiddling; this would eliminate that possibility.

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - Nutmeg - 07-14-2021

@TRS-80 thank you! It could very well be a carrier problem as it is an MVNO relying on Verizon towers, and Verizon is a monopoly. At&T service is not great out here, so Verizon is kind of the only show in town. For a bit we were trying Puretalk, which is an ATT MVNO, and we just could not get or receive calls consistently,because of the spotty service. We are going to try this weekend on another phone, as @rocket2infinity suggested and then we will have a better idea of what is going on. Despite others successes, we have never had good luck with calls/text on any of the operating systems, and we have tried them all, so service could definitely be the issue. Knowing Verizon, it could be because we had to register the SIM with an alternate IMEI. I miss my 3G flip phone dang nabbit. Anyway, thanks to all of you for the patient, consistent help. We will keep plugging away and try on another phone for a bit and keep trying the Pinephone intermittently. I really like the look and ease of use of UT and my husband liked MANJARO with KDE/plasma. Thanks again, will post back after we get an alternate phone.

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - TRS-80 - 07-14-2021

Yeah, especially if you are up there in the North Woods / hills, that could be the whole problem right there.

I give you just as much credit for sticking with it, it as equally as frustrating for those of us who try and help when someone makes one post and never returns, or make a few post then never really reply with the final solution, etc... Sort of like clapping with one hand. lol

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - Nutmeg - 07-14-2021

I am going to try to reflash tonight, but finally sorted out that I can get and receive calls most of the time. I can send any and all texts, but only receive texts that are three or four words or less (nothing else comes through). The other Pinephone can send anything but gets no texts at all. What a frustrating experience! Our backup phones are not coming for a week, so more time to try to sort this out. I may try the Puretalk SIM again if reflashing doesn't work. Oy vey!!

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - Nutmeg - 07-20-2021

We ended up just using the phones for calls (and still get dropped quite a bit) and resorted to using Telegram to message each other. We are attempting to flash Ubuntu Touch onto our 'new' used Pixel 3a phones as we speak, and will probably have to put the Pinephones away for a bit to avoid frustration. Hopefully Ubuntu will work 'out of the box' although it certainly has not been without frustration to get it loaded onto the phone. Hopefully that will solve our communication issues for now, it we may still struggle with service, as I have heard from others that even 'regular' phones are having service disruptions. Thanks to all who helped us with this but of frustration. Will check back periodically if things get more streamlined.

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - rocket2nfinity - 07-20-2021

If you need help, ask on the UBports forum or telegram groups. One of us is always around and happy to help

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - pagesix1536 - 07-28-2021

Posting this here in case it's useful....

(07-27-2021, 12:38 AM)bcnaz Wrote:
(06-22-2021, 04:41 PM)pagesix1536 Wrote: Anyone know if there is a fix coming soon for the broken inbound SMS issue using the default chat app on Mobian? I tested it last week and it still was happening with the latest updates. Inbound used to work months ago just fine. I was using it a lot.

That happens with most Distro's  not just Mobian

It is a known problem in the modem software or firmware,  it cannot yet process MMS text messages, so it tends to plug the cache.

You must clear the cache.  This is mentioned in several other threads as well.

Since I don't do well using CLI methods,  I simply install the  'Modem Manager GUI'  app from the onboard software store.

  Then you can clear out all these texts by using this app...  Then 'Reboot'  and you should again receive your sms texts. 

Good Luck  !

RE: Still trying, SMS not working - bcnaz - 07-28-2021

** comment on above :
When the modem is plugged from MMS messages, the problem will persist even if you change the whole operating systems.