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RE: 2020-11-13 Image status. - bcnaz - 08-25-2021

a new screen is $34.99 USD I just had to purchase one myself

RE: 2020-11-13 Image status. - Gribouille - 08-25-2021

(08-25-2021, 02:16 AM)bcnaz Wrote: a new screen is $34.99 USD  I just had to purchase one myself

The additional costs (transport+taxes) are more than 50 % of the cost of the screen for me.

I'm very disappointed to have no reply from the support, even for a diagnostic. The last reply was :

Quote:All single board and accessories sold on the Pine Microsystems Inc. (PINE64) store are entitled to a 30 days Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

If I bought a new screen, what's happen If I have again a problem of delamination after the delay of 30 days ?

RE: 2020-11-13 Image status. - bcnaz - 08-25-2021

First I am sincerely sorry to hear about your screen problem, it is possible I would be complaining as loud, maybe even louder if that happened to me.

I DO think they could have or should have at the minimum, at least communicated more with you.

While I cannot say "what" they should do....

RE: 2020-11-13 Image status. - Gribouille - 11-13-2021

Hello all !

I've take pleasure to use Mobian during some too few months, but now I give up Sad  Not because Mobian is not good, but only is not possible to solve a hardware problem with Pine64, neither to have an explication. I don't like the proposed solution like 'Buy an other screen with only 30 days of warranty'.

I sell my Pinephone 'Community Edition: Manjaro with Convergence Package', you could look here : 
Don't forget that there is a vertical dead line in the touch screen.

I've liked to have a Linux smartphone and more important I like Mobian Smile
Now,I'm looking at the Droidian project, a port of Mobian on Android phones :
Because to have a device that use the mainline Linux kernel is very difficult and I hope to have (some day) the possibility to buy in Europe a smartphone with a standard (or good) quality and 2 years of warranty - better than only 30 days for a defective screen.

It was marvellous to have a smartphone with Mobian ! Thank you to all.

RE: 2020-11-13 Image status. - fdlamotte - 11-13-2021

So sad to see you leave Sad

RE: 2020-11-13 Image status. - Gribouille - 11-14-2021

(11-13-2021, 03:52 PM)fdlamotte Wrote: So sad to see you leave Sad

Thank you very much.