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RE: Play along - create a PinePhone keyboard - dgdimick - 03-17-2021

(03-14-2021, 04:59 AM)Lord Windy Wrote: Everytime I try to post in this thread I just start writing ramblings about what my ideal keyboard would be.

I do really like the design provided. As long as I can use it in my hands while laying down, I will be ecstatic. Because my original option was the Pyra that has only started coming out. I looked at making one myself with a Raspberry Pi 4, but while I can code that doesn't translate to electronics sadly.

"As long as I can use it in my hands while laying down"

LOL, I have to admit this could be considered a "deal killer" for me as well.

My phone showed up today, I'm in New Mexico, USA

RE: Play along - create a PinePhone keyboard - makergamer - 04-26-2021

My PinePhone Beta is on it's way. Hurray. I am very looking forward to the Keyboard Back.

But I do have some concerns over for what appears to be awkward placement of heavily used Symbols.

I realize meta-keys are necessary for some for symbols given the limit key count. But, to invoke those characters, shouldn't there be an attempt make sure they are opposite from the metakey for two-handed or thumb typing? I think the keyboard back will be used without a typing surface quite a bit.

Take for example, the vertical pipe. It's a critical character for everything Shell. From the keyboard layout image I saw, it was in the top left corner while the Pine metakey is further underneath it. 
  • It will be nearly impossible to to "thumb" type the Pipe. 
  • It will be a pain to use your left pinky & ring finger for it. 
  • You'll end up having to use your left thumb & a finger to type the Pipe. 
There are other symbol combinations of a similar nature.

Given the heavy use of the the metakey for important shell and scripting symbols, please consider re-arranging the meta-symbol layout. Maybe all the media keys should be on the left side, so as they aren't 'keyboard heavy". It would leave the left hand to control the ctrl, alt, meta, while all the meta & raised symbols are weighted on the right side. This would make for two handed/thumb typing.

It is a Linux phone so I can always remap the keyboard, but having the mapping matching the physical silkscreen is a nice feature.

Considering the demographics that will be getting the keyboards (hackers, makers, programmers, admins, writers, etc.), we are mostly touch typist folks who don't like cumbersome key combos. Being able to type without having to shift our hands holding the phone is super important -- like not dropping it important. :-D

Thank you for listening and your consideration. Cheers, M.

RE: Play along - create a PinePhone keyboard - eFqLLnGo - 04-28-2021

That's why I suggested adding triggers like on old gameboys earlier on this thread. It would allow the user to easily do key combinations like that.

RE: Play along - create a PinePhone keyboard - bcnaz - 09-22-2021

Maybe a finger print reader, on it as well ? Maybe....

Optional do it yourself kit ?

RE: Play along - create a PinePhone keyboard - biketool - 09-23-2021

(09-22-2021, 09:16 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Maybe a finger print reader,  on it as well ?  Maybe....

Optional do it yourself kit ?

if the keyboard has a multiplexed i2c then just solder to the extra pads, if not you have to cut traces, multiplex the i2c and then reconnect the keyboard, it is better and easier if the final design for a hacker keyboard on a hacker phone(we hack stuff) has a multiplexer between the pogo pins and KB but it can be worked around.
If the first keyboards let us hope that later hardware revs implement this.

RE: Play along - create a PinePhone keyboard - CharlieGordon - 11-14-2021


The keyboard is already in production and no there are no trigger buttons: