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RE: Community Wallpapers - kingannoy - 01-20-2020

I found, and really enjoy, this wallpaper:

[Image: RLARUJoiBb24.jpg]
(It's pine trees)

But sadly I don't know it's copyright status, so this couldn't be included in any official images... 

I already looked for some alternatives that are cc licensed, does anybody here know what the exact licence would have to be?

Edit to add:
This photo is Public Domain licensed and quite classy!

RE: Community Wallpapers - Luke - 01-22-2020

Made this for my Manjaro installation, figured I'd share with anyone who likes this sort of minimalist wallpaper style.

[Image: 5y3L0CK.png]

RE: Community Wallpapers - tophneal - 01-23-2020

Here's an updated Star Trails WP, to better match the revised skin.

[Image: cmLuRSC.jpg]

Pinebook Pro Wallpapers - PixelPaintbrush - 06-07-2020

I’ve made a set of free wallpapers for everyone!  I’m so excited as I wait on my PBP and phone to arrive.

[Image: Pinebook_Background_Smooth.png]
[Image: Pinebook_Pixel_Background.png]
[Image: Pinebook_Wallpaper_3_1440.png]

[Image: Pinebook_Wallpaper_2_1080.png]

RE: Pinebook Pro Wallpapers - jiyong - 06-08-2020

I really like the last two.
They bring something new (at least for me).

RE: Community Wallpapers - SpoofyKid - 06-09-2020

Here's one that, without realising, I made very similar to everyone else's. Plus another.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1890]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1889]