Full Version: Kodi on Archlinux arm?
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So I got Archlinuxarm to work. Yay! But I cant seem to load Kodi. My best conclusion is that Kodi is not supported on ARMv8.  Can anyone confirm this?  If it is supported please help with the install.   The typical pacman -S kodi doesnt work.
configure: error: unsupported host (aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu)
I also tried to install kodi on Arch. It is not available in there packages for the Pine.
I don't need the GUI of kodi (know the issues for 2d/3d acceleration). Can anyone explain how to build it from source?

Please review. It mentions the package kodi-rpd from the Arch Linux Arm repository. Try adding this repository and see if this package will install and work.
Here is a link to the page with the source. It's written for armv7, so I'm not 100% sure it's compatible with aarch64. But it might be worth a try for you.
You may want to pay more attention. Kodi-rpd is only available for arm6/arm7 not arm8, and the package is in the default repo for Arch on Arm. No need to add the repo . You may be able to get it to work but when I tried to build the package for aarch64 it did not work (See my first post in this thread). We just have to wait.
New Debian Images coming and here is what to expect

[Image: pine64-debian-mate-kodi.png]

[Image: pine64-debian-mate-kodi2.png]