Full Version: ROCK64 keeps connection
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Dear reader,

I have a question about my ROCK64 4GB board, but I do not really know where to post the problem, as I think it can fit into multiple categories. So I'm posting here, and someone can move it to another topic if needed Smile

The problem is that I keep losing the ability to SSH into the board from another PC in the network. I've ruled out that it is a problem with the router ports, and the board is configured with a static IP through both netplan and /etc/network/interfaces (didnt really know which one takes precedence so I did both).

This problem occurs when I connect my usb hub with two external harddrives. The hub is externally powered, and functioning as expected (tested on another PC). The board itself is powered with the official 5A power supply.

When not connected to the hub, the board seems to be working fine. I can SSH into it and it stays connected. When I connect the hub and reboot, it takes forever to get a connection to the board. And when it succeeds, I can log in but it disconnects after a short while (not always the same time, but soon after logging in). I use Putty from a Windows machine to connect, but Putty gives no error or messages that it has been disconnected, it just freezes. After this has happened, I can no longer see the board from the connected devices in my router. Then, after a longer time (5 minutes or so) it shows up in the connected devices again. I can then connect again and the same thing happens.

So my thoughts were that the usb hub somehow drains so much power from the board that the ethernet interface cannot be powered sufficiently. I know that harddrives can require a lot of power, especially during spinup, thats why I bought a usb hub with external power supply. Is it possible that this power supply is not powerful enough to power the two harddrives and is trying to take the additional needed power from the board? Or could this problem be due to some other component on the board?

I hope someone can point me in the right direction, and that I have provided enough information to do so. If you need more information or specs, please feel free to ask.

Kind Regards,

try tera term.