Full Version: Wifi I/F on Pinebook 11.6"
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What's the difference between the wlan0 and p2p0 WiFi adapter. 
I guess there's only one WiFi adapter on the Pinebook, so why both are listed?

It seems that the Pinebook, even configured to use wlan0 with a wifi network sometime connects to it through the other, "shadow" p2p0 interface.
This leads to an unexpected effect, as the DHCP server assign a different IP address depending on which I/F is used. This is due to different MAC addresses of the I/F, as p2p0 uses a 02: prefix while wlan0 uses 00:

Any piece of info about this topic?

p2p0 uses the same hardware as wlan0, bit it is used only for WiFi Direct peer-to-peer wireless connections.