Full Version: ClusterBoard questions (eMMC, consoles, etc.)
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I've been looking at the Wiki and through the threads here and have a couple of questions on the ClusterBoard I have just received:

1) the eMMC slot maps to the SOPINE module in slot 0, correct? The other slots cannot be connected to the eMMC?

2) where does one connect the serial console for the SOPINE modules? I bought the serial console "PINE64 USB SERIAL CONSOLE/PROGRAMMER" but where should I connect it to access the consoles of the SOPINEs?

3) reading the threads it seems that heat is an issue: I bought my three SOPINE modules without heatsinks - is the ROCK64 / PINE A64 / PINE H64 Heatsink OK for the SOPINE?

4) are there pins on the ClusterBoard where one can connect fans (see 3 above)? Should they be powered independently or is there somewhere to pick up a 5V supply off the main PSU?

I plan to run my ClusterBoard as the "CPU cluster" off a Rock64Pro NAS providing disk space so thermal issues are important for me.



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i think there are some clusterboard folks on chat that don't read the forums much. check out the chat by clicking on chat at top of page.
dkryder is probably correct. You may wish to reach out to Xalius or maya in the IRC chat.
(11-05-2018, 06:26 AM)Luke Wrote: [ -> ]dkryder is probably correct. You may wish to reach out to Xalius or maya in the IRC chat.

OK, I assume it is a normal IRC channel, don't really want to connect via web when I am comfortable using irssi. I assume I just take the details from the link under your signature?