Full Version: Selling Pinebook 14" with 64GB eMMC, from Europe
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Pinebook 14" for sale.
It is in perfect condition.
It currently resides in Finland.
Purchased 1 year ago.

  • the 64GB emmC, and
  • the original 16GB one.
  • original charger.
  • original stiff plastic packaging (good for shipping)
  • ...and to sweeten the deal: a 32GB MicroSD HC card (it will be in the slot when you get the book).

So that's 96GB of storage installed & ready to use!

It has currently Armbian (based on Ubuntu Xenial) installed. I have done some tweaking for smooth media playback, touchpad improvements etc.
It all works very well, but I can install anything according to your wishes.

Now the price requires a little explanation.
You know the 14" Pinebook costs 99$, and the larger eMMC costs 34.95$ = 133.95$ - In Euros: 118€.
However, after shipment from HongKong, and Overseas Taxes, I paid 213€ altogether. This does NOT include the 32GB microSD card, that's just a sweetener for you.
These taxes and fees do NOT have to be paid again!

My offer is 100€ for everything.

On first glance, shipment within Europe starts at just above 15€ and will take +/- 7 days. Shipment is not included in my offer.

This private deal will require a little trust on both sides. I suggest we start with E-mailing, you can contact me via PM here, or through my blog's contact page (see my signature).
locked because PB got sold.