Full Version: rock64 lan disconnected with atv 7.1 (0.3.13)
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The lan is disconnected in rock64 atv 7.1 (auyfan git android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img.gz).  Works just fine with rock64 stock android v7.1 and 8.1.  Using microSD versions for all.  Flashing back and forth and can repeat results:  atv 7.1 (lan not working) and android 7.1/8.1 (lan works just fine).  Using same DHCP settings for both.

I could have sworn atv 7.1 worked first time and stopped working after re-flashing with android 8.1.  Perhaps android 8.1 installed low level firmware that isn't compatible with atv 7.1?  Any thoughts on how to test this theory or how to re-flash low-level firmware back to factory defaults?

My bad.  I just realized I had been installing the rockbox atv version (android-7.1-rock-64-rockbox_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img.gz ) and not the rock64 atv version (android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img.gz).  LAN works just fine with the correct binary installed on the rock64.

Glad this is resolved.  It was driving me nutz.