Full Version: Once Again: Power Supply problems I guess (Pine A64+ locking up)
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I'm using a Pine A64+ 2GB on the openHAB distro but the problem is every 3-14 days my PineA64+ locks up completely. It's powered from the micro usb with a very good power supply 3.0 Amps with nominal jitter or noise.

The only other thing connected is a SSD where the main file system is located through USB Port.

My guess is that it's still the power supply, but do you think it would help cutting of the Micro USB to power it through Euler? Problem there is also I don't know where to get the connectors to plug onto the wires to connect them with euler bus.

Or do you think it could be something completely different, can it still be too much noise? Are there readymade filters one can buy somewhere? I read about a filter here in the forums but I don't have those parts at hand easily and would prefer buying something more soild.

Or do you think the culprit maybe the USB port for the file system?

Thanks for any help because currently I have to use a external watchdog which resets the board if this happens which is not really a desired behaviour.