Full Version: My Clusterboard project
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Hello all,

I've been getting a lot of help with my Clusterboard questions here an I thought I'd share with you what I am working on:

[Image: img_2110.jpg?w=756] 

I'm using the Clusterboard in the phase-two prototype of my 3-phase personal supercomputer project.  You can see a summary of the current work here:

I also have more extensive information about the overall project on my blog:

I chose PINE64 for this project because my long-term goal is to produce a completely open-source supercomputer design and PINE was the most open SBC I could find.  The release of the Clusterboard was an unexpected bonus and I've since reoriented my designs around it.  

All of the work I'm doing on the project is open-source so if you like it feel free to put any of it to work in your own designs.  The current version (Mark II) is entered in the 2018 Hackaday Prize (if you think it's cool, please "like" the project :Smile )and any prize money it brings home will go into completing the prototype and potentially producing kits and parts for others who want to build similar machines.

Thanks again to PINE64 for creating the hardware and to everyone here for all your help making it work!
Hi, nice work, I have seen your project on hackaday ;-)
Thanks of sharing and I just "like".