Full Version: Will the Rock64 work as a mobile data storage device?
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As it looks like that the Sata and USB3 combi on these boards is not going to be available soon, I was wondering what the performance is going to be if I would copy an CF or SD memory card (>= 32GB) over a USB3 Hub to an SSD HDD using the Rock64.

As a photographer I have a need to backup my memory cards on location.  There are commercial solutions, but the DIY in me wants to build it myself.

So I was thinking of a Rock64, USB3 hub (with or without external power?!), card reader and 256GB SSD. With the wish of placing an HDMI, or GPIO Display on top for menu and viewing images. Power supply over 18650 Powerbank (3A).

If this proves a working concept, a lot of photographers would be very happy.

So does anyone have experience in the performance copying USB3->USB3 of large files (25MB average) ?
The total bandwidth of USB3 using UAS (requires a modern USB3/SATA bridge like JMS567/JMS578 that have good Linux support) is about 390MB/s with a single SSD. With two devices on the USB3 host port a bit less due to overhead.

The maximum current you can draw from the USB3 port is about 900mA which will not be enough for both the SSD and the card reader, so the SSD needs some external 5V supply (probably from your powerbank) or you use a powered hub that you supply from the power bank. Be aware that the powered hub might also have a 900mA/port limitation and some SSDs need more than that, in which case you need a USB3/SATA adapter that has an external 5V input...