Full Version: what/where is the package manager on Arch Linux?
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Just installed Arch Linux on my Pine64+2GB board and want to try installing additional applications and libraries but can't find dpkg, apt-get, or synaptic. How does one install new packages?
Arch Linux doesn't use any of those package installers. The default package installer in Arch Linux is Pacman. How did you install Arch Linux and have you looked up the beginners installation guide on Here is the beginners guide link:
Start here, and if you have any questions, let us know.

Here are the general instructions for Pacman.
Thanks Leoncito81 for the pointer. I've been using Kubuntu for years so was not familiar with other Linux variants.
I believe they have ported Ubuntu or Debian. Either of these would have a similar feel and command line to Lubuntu.
Cmon, a simple google search would give you the answer.
But anyway, it's pacman
@ Nomad, is that necessary?

Arch is a really cool system for learning how linux works as a whole. It's actually how I got into linux in the first place last year. There's a pretty big community around archlinuxarm, lots of guides and tutorials. It turns your linux os into a model-building kit.

I gave the answer but also called on something that seems pretty trivial to me.
If one knows how to post a thread in a forum, one should know that entering "Arch linux package manager" would also work and be faster.
Seriously, i'm here to help. But i also think that pointing out the basics helps.
Give a man a fish and he will eat one day. Teach a man how to fish, and he will never be hungry again.
I think i did both Wink
Just because RTFM is useful advice doesn't make it good advice. I think it was a little rude. I kind of think you should apologize.
the phrase "teach a man to fish" implies you actually taught something. Leoncito81 was actually helpful, you are not.
I think Nomadewolf is right. I would just ignore Help Vampires.

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