Full Version: Raspberry Foundation Scren
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Anyone know if the connectors on the board will support direct connection to a Raspberry PI Foundation Touch Screen ?
If i can get my hands on one I'm comparing the Pine64 that i just received today to a Raspberrry PI 3 when they start shipping.

But prices just went down a hair on the touch screen and i want to grab one.

Thank you in advance.
I would suspect not at this point. Once the pine64's have been shipping for awhile, perhaps people will start porting other displays. But it still early yet, and you should not expect compatibility. Maybe they are compatible, maybe not. I believe both use a DSI cable to connect the screen, but the pinouts might be different.

Note, on the pine64 the touch screen connects to the board using an i2c cable separate from the display, while the Raspberry Pi display provides the touch screen interface through the DSI cable, so even if the displays work, it is likely the touch screen does not work.

At this moment, the only display that I would expect to work on both is an HDMI display with a touch screen controller that acts like a standard USB mouse. That way you are using two standard cables (HDMI and USB). Something like this: