Full Version: Possible to simultaneously connect to ethernet & wi-fi?
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Hi all --

I was an original kickstarter backer, and my Pine 64 has been running as a headless Debian torrent box (and doing a marvelous job of it!) basically since the day I got it.  However, I recently started messing around with a Cozmo robot, and in order to use the Cozmo SDK you have to have a desktop running the SDK connected via ADB to an Android device running the robot's AI engine app.  Because I don't have a spare Android device lying around, and because I don't want my phone dedicated to this project, I decided to try installing Android on my Pine64.  However, I'm running into a problem.

Specifically, it appears that Android will not allow me to simultaneously connect to the Ethernet connection (for ADB) and a wi-fi connection (the robot is controlled via direct wi-fi connection).

Am I missing something? Is there any other way I can set this up so that this connection is possible?

Desktop running SDK-----{ADB}------->Pine64----------{wi-fi}----->Cozmo robot

At the moment, the Pine64 appears to lose its Ethernet connection when it connects to the Cozmo wifi connection, and vice versa.

EDIT: I should add that I'm trying this with the 7.1 image, in case that makes a difference.
if the sdk allows for usb connection, you can try usb male to male using the top usb port [if i remember correctly]. otherwise i suppose you could try binding the ethernet and wifi connections. that is suppose to combine the 2 interfaces for increased bandwidth overall. it is one way of using both at the same time although i have no idea if it will work on the pine64.
Interesting, I didn't even think about male-to-male connection as an option. Do I need to tweak any configuration files or settings, or will it just work if I plug it in?

I don't have a male-to-male cable, but looks like they go for ~7 dollars on Amazon, so guess that's what I'll try next!
yes, well traditionally usb is how to connect to an android device from the host computer. there is one of the 2 usb ports on the pine64 that is the one to use and as i mentioned i think it is the top usb port but check on the wiki i think there is a write-up. it is also possible to connect via wifi but you need to set up the pine64 for that. as far as how to perform adb via any methods you will need to search on the forum and google for the info. i'm over repeating stuff every time someone who apparently can't search shows up and does the thousand questions that have already been answered multiple times. that is not directed at you as an individual, rather a policy of sorts based on about 2 years on this forum. once you get yourself into it if you have difficulties then by all means ask but the info exists ,just need to search. Smile and good luck.