Full Version: LCD modding discussion
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The purpose of this obscure post is to document some modding discussion, high-lighting the lcd module clips and showing some close-ups of the lcd pane.

[attachment=911]  [attachment=912]  [attachment=913]

In the pic(s) above the clips which hold the lcd module in place are clearly seen. What is not clear is whether any glue (sticky goo) has been used as well during the manufacturing process.


Also not certain is what holds the glass pane in place (see pic above) ;  I suspect glue or sticky good substance at the edges of the pane.  Removing the module may be fairly straight-forward, but removing the necessary glass pane may be a trick;  and, the glass pane is definitely needed for touch, and may also be required for proper viewing as well due to the nature of polarized light through the display.
Huge thanks for this. Will be working on a project that I'll be taking with me to FOSDEM 18 that will (hopefully!) make use of the LCD panel. One way or another I will need to take off the front bezel, so we will learn soon enough if this will cause any damage to the LCD. Could it be possible that the front bezel is for TP ?

[edit] I obviously can't read - you too wrote that the front glass is for touch input ...
[attachment=915]   [attachment=916]

Just for you Doc,  I removed the display module from the bezel;  came out very easily, just bent back the tiny plastic clips with a finger-nail.

The good news is that the glass panel mounted in the bezel front is for the touch-pad only;  it is NOT polarized and absent should not prevent the display from functioning. ( used polarized film from calculator display to test this )

I have two of these displays, neither of which I am using atm.  Now I have one in the bezel, and one out of the bezel;  should the display work ( have not tested yet ) I will probably remove both of them !


Note:   module is 16.3cm  by  9.6cm   metal frame at the bottom is  6mm;  5mm at side;  1.5mm around

Note:   front touch panel saved

[attachment=917]   [attachment=918]

The front touch panel may be saved and used as protection should that be necessary.  I have discarded the touch chip and cable.  The panel is double-sided taped to the bezel and comes off relatively easily.  The tapes can be removed.