Full Version: AnTuTu Benchmark
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So I decided to run some benchmark tests on the Pinebook 11" using a utility available in the Android app store called AnTuTu (I also tried out Passmark but it showed similar results).  I was curious as to how it stacks up against another super-cheap device I've had for a few years now: The RCA 7" Android tablet I bought at Walmart for $39. Model #RCT6773W22

Stats on this device are:
CPU Model: MTK MT8127
Architecture: ARM Cortex A7 32-bit
Cores: 4
Frequency: 1300 Mhz
GPU: Mali-450 MP
OS: Android 4.4.2
Storage: 8 GB

RCA Tablet
Overall Score: 18607
3D: 1651
User Experience: 5520
CPU: 8419
RAM: 3017

Pinebook 11" (Running Android 6.0.1 image from Pine64)
Overall Score: 21764
3D: 673
User Experience: 10043
CPU: 8983
RAM: 2065

A few things shocked me.
- I figured the Pinebook would kick the crap out of my RCA tablet in the CPU arena. It didn't seem all that much faster in the results, but maybe that can be attributed to the fact that the tablet tops out at 1.3 ghz, while the Pinebook seems to redline at around 1.1 ghz.
- RAM performance on the Pinebook was lower than my cheap tablet. I tried to dig up information on what kind of RAM the RCA tablet has, but could only find references stating that it had DDR3 in it. The only thing I can figure is that the Pinebook states LPDDR3 which is I believe a low-power version of that RAM. Maybe my tablet is not using the low power version... maybe higher performance at the cost of lower battery life?
- Biggest disappointment was the GPU performance. The stats on the Mali 400 / 450 are drastically different and it reflects in the scores. I can play some decent games on my tablet including my favorite Real Racing 3. I haven't really tried any games on the Pinebook other than briefly loading Minecraft PE, but I'm guessing it's not useable for any kind of 3D oriented gaming. The Mali400 just doesn't look up to the challenge.  Probably ok though considering most games on Android are designed to be used with a touchscreen or accelerometer, which the Pinebook won't be able to do.  If more Android games supported keyboard/mouse configurations, this might be a different story.
Mali400 is very slow.

If you are interested in much better Android performance and experience use my one of my releases:

There are still a few bugs to squash, but this is the fully functional system.

My scores from Android 7.1:
Total: 24318
3D: 796
UX: 11226
CPU: 9515
RAM: 2781
Second, run on my Android 7.1 with disconnected charger (charger can affect throttling):
Total: 26268
3D: 797
UX: 12033
CPU: 10585
RAM: 2853