Full Version: Linux TouchLCD+HDMI
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I have pine A64(+) 2GB, with LCD from Pine64.

Which linux dsitro or longsleep kernel has support for both TouchLCD and HDMI ?

I have  been search around and playing for a while, I can get LCD to work but not both.

Any hints or links ?

Thank you

We recently had a bit of a forum reshuffle, and it appears that pfeerick's thread on getting LCD to work with Linux got a bit buried ...
Will need to think of a better place for this thread. 

I trust this helps.
Thanks, testing.

Post refers to for beta image but url is broken correct url is
This gets me to only one display.
If I have pine64_lcd=off HDMI is working
or if I have pine64_lcd=on LCD working is but not both
. Any help ?