Full Version: Console MotD including Pine64 info
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Hey community,

this might be a nice small addition to your pine64 Linux setup. FireMotD now has Pine64 support. This means besides all the other interesting details it shows when you log in to your system, it now also shows the Pine A64 Board Revision you are on. Enjoy Wink

[Image: fa522d72-f841-11e6-8060-53268d2a26bb.png]
It was tricky to find a good indicator for the hardware being a Pine64. Currently I'm simply checking for "pine64-longsleep" in the kernel name. If you know a better way (some distinct Hardware ID), would be great to know.
Nice work Wink

Board detection is maybe possible via the device tree file, not sure if there is a way to find out which one was used to boot the system... there are also other A64 boards that just use the pine64 device tree blobs
I've poked around in a lot of places but didn't find a definitive indicator. On top of that I'd never be sure if it's unique for the Pine64. Would you be able to invite someone to this conversation, who might have an answer?
No further ideas? Surely someone should be able to help out...