Full Version: sound amp and speakers for the case
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I have just plug in an old sound amp that i had but in order to make it work i always need to disconnect the minijack, and then connect it again. I read somewhere in the forum that soldering between pin 4 and pin 3 a switch could make it, but it looks messy. Any other idea?
What OS are you running? I guess it needs the switch event to toggle the output atm, but at least on Linux you can permanently use the audio jack as output.
Sorry not mentionting. I tried with Android 6.0 and Android 7.0. The thing is that I create an ugly case or enclosure for the pine with the lcd and i wanted to have a litle speaker and an amplifier inside the case. The amplifier is powereed using the raspberryPi GPIO 5v pins, and then the amp gets the sound from the minijack but there is the issue, it only detects it if I plug and unplug physically it. In order to do that i have to aopen the case and the close... It will get broken soon. What about something with the GPIO, is there any easy way to use GPIO ports in android?
I am really not an expert on Android, but on a rooted Android device you can maybe read/write GPIO through sysfs like on Linux? Probably post in the Android subforum and maybe ayufan can answer that...
im having the same issue, it would have been nice if there was audio and mic output header pins on the board,
also would be nice to be able to turn on and off the 5v Eula gpio pins in Android