Full Version: GitHub instructions are unclear, confusing, and outdated
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I am following the instructions on the GitHub page to try and install Windows 10 IoT on my Pine, but they're really not making this easy. Besides some poorly worded and confusing instructions in steps 2 and 3, it says I am supposed to open the iothub_csharp_client.sln solution (/azure-iot-sdks/csharp) file. However, that file does not even exist in the repository.

Also, there are two different URLs to download the .ffu file specified between this forum and the GitHub page — and This level of inconsistency is staggering.

Has anyone else run into these issues? If so, how were able to get around them? I don't know where to go from here.

for a while it was decided that the build did not work correctly and needed work of some sort and i never heard if it was fixed or not. it never worked correctly for me.
Same issues here.

1. Hardly any communications
2. Builds are not stable: installs to SDCard (got Samsung EVO+ 32 GB's), boots... and upon changing 1 setting, ie computername or something else, it goes into continuous boot loops.

Would be nice whenever someone from the Pine64 project would get some structure set up for Windows IoT Core.