Full Version: How do I determine my system RAM size
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How can you check if you have the 1GB or 2GB version of the Pine?
The easiest way to check ram size is to use the command 'free' in the terminal (without the quotes).

If you see something like:  2036512  you have the 2G board.

You can also use htop,  or top... to see the system ram....

You may also use the System Monitor to see memory information.

You may also verify the board visually:

2G board,  memory chips : k4B4G0846E

1G board,  memory chips : k4B4616460

Also, the 2G board has four RAM chips total... two additional chips on the bottom of the board.

Also, the 2G board (the plus+) has a 5v|VBATT jumper next to the pine cone logo... (this is not for sure) !

You may find pictures of the boards on the sunxi wiki link.
I moved this thread to the System Memory subforum; will post as a sticky.