Full Version: Microphone for Ok Google actions
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Hi - I’m using ‘ok google’ with a really old webcam and it works like a charm!

I’m having s small issue though - Androin won’t boot with the USB Webcam plugged in. If I unplug it, it boots fine and I can then Plug it in and it works.

Any suggestions?
(02-04-2018, 05:52 AM)Pushpike Wrote: [ -> ]As no one is answering my question even after two days, I'm going to answer it by myself. This might help someone who is struggling to find the answer to the same question.

01) Latest Android 7.1 has drivers for the 3.5mm audio input as well as the stereo output.

02) The 3.5mm jack in pine64 board is of OMTP varient (Not CTIA as depicted in the data sheet). You can use NOKIA, Huawei or old Samsung headsets but don't try Apple or newer Samsung headsets.

03) The jack is not a high quality one so you may have to twist and shake a little to achieve good contact.

I'll post new updates of my project of making google home device out of pine64 2GB board.

Good luck.

Hi Pushpike
I am also trying to use Audio jack in Android 6 and seven. Audio jack works fine and gives audio and cut oaudio from HDMI when inserted.
But I want all the time audio should come from audio jack and not HDMI. Whereas if we let audio jack inserted and reboots pine, then in restart audio goes to HDMI. We have to lug out and plug in audio jack to make pine realize that jack is inserted. Only then audio comes out if jack.
Any idea how pine remembers or auto detect audio jack on reboot.
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