Full Version: The Debian Jessie User Accounts?
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I am using the Debian Jessie OS but I cannot locate the User Accounts Application. I want to change my personal information like Name and Password, etc.

what desktop?
I am using the MATE desktop that comes with the Debian OS. Everything at this time is to review the Pine64+ and its software.

Any suggestions to improve on the Debian experience would be most appreciative.

I installed the Gnome Users and Groups module from mate tools package after screwing up with adduser. :-)
Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the package or the module.
Hey CaptainZalo

I believe that all LINUX Operating systems should have a USER ACCOUNTS app for accessing personal information such as your name, your password, etc, so that we can better secure our little Pine64s.

I will keep that in mind with next build
you could try the usermod commandline tool, or vipw. I would likely use the latter because Im used to it, but one should be careful not to mess with the formatting of the user info - just change what needs changing.