Full Version: Can anyone confirm bluetooth?
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Can anyone confirm that the stock Bluetooth module is functioning with Remix Os?
Mine worked with Remix, meaning I was able to connect to a pair of speakers. Straight Android didn't work, however.
Thanks I ended biting the bullet and installing it, I can confirm stock bluetooth module worked.
How did you do it? Mine doesnt work even in straight Android
(06-13-2016, 10:59 AM)Pepe Wrote: [ -> ]How did you do it? Mine doesnt work even in straight Android

I had trouble to get it work myself. I had to connect and disconnect it several times and reboot the board until it was eventually recognised. The good thing is that as soon as the board ''sees'' it for the first time, it will then function properly. The problem exists only with fresh installs, at east according to my experience thus far.
my aquamasti speaker connected and paired with no issues
Got my bt game controller hooked up playing minecraft pocket edition.
I don't get it. Waiting for respond from TL LimĀ  Big Grin
Has anyone tried getting BT working from a USB BT dongle? It seems like simple BT air-mouse or keyboards that come with their own USB BT dongle work just fine. However, when I attempt to plug in a dedicated BT 4.0 USB dongle, I can't get any response from BT settings. Or does one need to buy the Wifi/BT module in order to use BT?