Full Version: Trivia challenge this weekend (win a Pine64!), help with troubleshooting and more
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Yup - a BIG THANKS! to fire219 for creating the trivia Bot Smile
Quick reminder about the trivia challenge on the 5th and a few minor notes:

 Its easier to access the chat now from the forums: see the little button titled 'Chat' in the top bar just to the right of the Pine64 emblem ? yea, click that.
NB be a few min early please - we don't know what the interest is and there may be hickups as this is the first time we are doing something like this (if for some reason you can't connect using the chat on forums use this instead).
I'm really looking forward to this Big Grin
(06-04-2016, 11:19 AM)ItsDave Wrote: [ -> ]I'm really looking forward to this Big Grin

Looking forward to seeing you there Smile
Quick reminder trivia starts in an hr

Trivia starts in 10 min - click on hyperlink in my sig to join and win a pine64
NiteHawk won the challenge! Congrats to him.

The scores were:

NiteHawk: 11
TraJiK: 9
jan64: 6
JulianM: 5
hossa: 4
LordCanti: 1

Thanks for playing, to all participants. Smile
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